Hello there!!

My name is Leah Buffalino.  I’m a photographer based in Greenville South Carolina but dreaming of trekking the world with my camera. Eventually I hope to be open for travel abroad go wherever you would take me. Until then I would absolutely love to be the photographer at any events that you wish to commemorate to memory. Your story is unlike anyone else’s, so let’s capture moments about you.

I believe Creativity and Art will forever be a part of my life but photography holds a special place because not matter how hard you try no one image is the same and every click of the button produces a different masterpiece


A little more about me

In the beautiful month of April I was born into a wonderful family, my Mom, Dad and older sister. A year and a half later our little family was completed with the arrival of my younger brother.  Yes, indeed I am a “middle child” and am absolutely convinced that it is a misfortune that should befall no child. At the age of 2 and a half, God saw fit to take our Father to be with Him, leaving my Mother with three young children. My Mom, who was born in Italy but raised in Switzerland, began to pray that the Lord would open the door, for us to go live in Switzerland,  so in the year of 2011 we packed up all our necessary belongings into  9 suitcases, and headed off to Europe.  4 years later I find myself in southern United States, with a 18 year old sister, a 15 year old brother, and the world most wonderful Mom.

I am also very picky about how my name is said, it is said like Princess Leia in star wars, or simply like a European would say it. when people call me Leeeeeeeah, I am quick to point out, that I would rather be called Leah. 
 I love Disney// High heels // Converse shoes //  
Spelling is a no go for me // I cant do algebra to save my life // 
I have been to 8 different countries so far // Karate // I am a Bible believing Christian //
I am Italian // I am homeschooled // Jerusalem is my favorite place on earth //
I love laughing//

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